Marque Day 2004

2nd May 2004

The first in what looks likely to be a very busy show season for 2004 and I have to say that the rest of the shows will have to be pretty good if they're going to live up to this one...

We all had a smashing time, met some news chums, finally got to meet up with the peeps from MuddyWeb and the Mud Club, (even got a bit muddy ourselves), set Posh Ted off in style and Max was made an Honorary Member of the Discovery Owner's Club :-)

Click the pics below to go to the other pages, once there, click the thumbnails for larger 800x600 resolution images.  Originals (with the same filename) are available in much higher resolution HERE.  I've included (with permission) some additional pics from Roger Hill-Cottingham - these are identifiable by the inclusion of -rhc- in the filename.
Arrival - The Campsite
The weather forecast hadn't been good, but as we left Sheffield late Saturday morning it was bright sunshine.  As we got closer to Gaydon though, the rain came down, with a vengence!
The Marque Run
As always, the weather cleared in readiness for a fine day.  An excellent run with no breakdowns for Grumble, and a quick sneak-peek at the new Discovery ;-)
Posh Ted gets Underway
Posh Ted came to visit us on the Saturday evening and joined us for the Marque Run, whilst meeting lots of new friends - including Bob Dover - Chief Executive for Land Rover / Jaguar.
Max and the DOC
Max had a great time, romping in mud, showing off and trying to leap into every Discovery he could find.  He was made an Honorary Member of the Discovery Owner's Club - Membership # 101-0
Bonny Savidge
The late Christopher Savidge was pretty much responsible for willing this event into being.  We're all delighted that his widow, Bonny, kindly agreed to carry on the tradition.