LRO Spring Adventure 2005

Driffield - North Yorkshire
14th - 15th May 2005

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First things first...
Get the mandatory pics of 101s
in the arena out of the way...

The 101 Club didn't have a stand at this show
(for various reasons) and although the organisers
suggested we go on the SureTerm stand, we felt we'd
prefer somewhere a little more 'social', so off we
went to find the nice people on the GLASS stand...

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Although quite sunny during the day,
it got somewhat cooler in the evening...

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At some point in a rather drunken state, I noticed there
was a mini fairground with... dodems!
So off we trotted to have a go...

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Obviously, being the responsible sort, and
not wanting to give any mixed messages about
driving whilst under the influence, I had to
quickly recruit a driver...
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Now make no mistake, at a mere 9 years old
Elizabeth was by far the best driver on the track

We totally annihilated the opposition!

I reckon you can expect to see her in some
serious competition in a few years...

The next and final day we took Simons
bargain of the show, a 200Tdi Rangie off
around the surprisingly excellent albeit not
too challenging off-road course.

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Obviously, as this was the last part of the show, the wind stopped
and the sun shone in time for a nice leisurely drive home...

Thanks muchly to GLASS for having us, it made a very nice and
welcome change from being bombarded with 101 questions all weekend!