LRW Show
Eastnor Castle 2005

17th - 19th June

It's prophetic I guess, especially given we ended up
going home on an RAC transporter last year with a
broken transfer box, that the new, reliable Auto box
should decide to deposit about 9L of ATF onto the M1

Yep, the (ahem) temporary pipes from the box to the oil
cooler in the front decided to give up the ghost...

As we were flat towed into Tibshelf Services, not 30 miles
from home, the remains of the ATF left the vehicle, I looked
over into the lorry park and saw this...

eastnor-2005-001.jpg (87684 bytes)
A couple of hours later - and it has to be said
with thanks to Warren who came out to fix the pipes,
then decided a fix wasn't appropriate so went back to
Sheffield to get some more before replacing them, we
were back on our way - Thursday evening, 11pm, we arrived!

The next evening people were arriving, and obviously
we started drinking... The rest is a blur...

eastnor-2005-002.jpg (103384 bytes)   eastnor-2005-003.jpg (154182 bytes)

eastnor-2005-004.jpg (126271 bytes)   eastnor-2005-005.jpg (153668 bytes)

The club shop, never looked better...
eastnor-2005-007.jpg (136909 bytes) eastnor-2005-008.jpg (143676 bytes) eastnor-2005-009.jpg (122860 bytes)

eastnor-2005-010.jpg (189538 bytes) eastnor-2005-011.jpg (173699 bytes)

eastnor-2005-012.jpg (175585 bytes)

eastnor-2005-013.jpg (128160 bytes)
Austins wannabe 101 :-)

eastnor-2005-014.jpg (212523 bytes) eastnor-2005-015.jpg (204430 bytes) eastnor-2005-016.jpg (182341 bytes)
Some pics for the rivet-counters

eastnor-2005-017.jpg (177783 bytes) eastnor-2005-018.jpg (190235 bytes) eastnor-2005-006.jpg (172488 bytes)
eastnor-2005-029.jpg (97721 bytes) eastnor-2005-030.jpg (238916 bytes) eastnor-2005-031.jpg (139929 bytes)
and some for the rest of us :-)

eastnor-2005-019.jpg (147723 bytes) eastnor-2005-020.jpg (181331 bytes) eastnor-2005-021.jpg (201080 bytes)
New merchandise from the club shop, seen here
modelled (sadly) by club committee members:
Dave Elwin (green) and Ray Adams (blue)

eastnor-2005-022.jpg (190501 bytes) eastnor-2005-023.jpg (210549 bytes) eastnor-2005-024.jpg (215828 bytes)
eastnor-2005-025.jpg (236282 bytes) eastnor-2005-026.jpg (194765 bytes)
Scenes from the car park

eastnor-2005-027.jpg (222367 bytes)
David French

eastnor-2005-028.jpg (181009 bytes)
Club Stand

eastnor-2005-032.jpg (144514 bytes) eastnor-2005-033.jpg (173358 bytes) eastnor-2005-034.jpg (150429 bytes)
eastnor-2005-035.jpg (164628 bytes) eastnor-2005-036.jpg (116345 bytes) eastnor-2005-037.jpg (161736 bytes)

eastnor-2005-038.jpg (150227 bytes) eastnor-2005-039.jpg (163633 bytes)
eastnor-2005-040.jpg (231064 bytes) eastnor-2005-041.jpg (204574 bytes) eastnor-2005-042.jpg (175024 bytes)
eastnor-2005-043.jpg (182774 bytes) eastnor-2005-044.jpg (214133 bytes)

eastnor-2005-045.jpg (152647 bytes) eastnor-2005-046.jpg (171280 bytes)
eastnor-2005-047.jpg (174926 bytes) eastnor-2005-048.jpg (189133 bytes)

eastnor-2005-049.jpg (175121 bytes)
eastnor-2005-050.jpg (193550 bytes) eastnor-2005-051.jpg (197183 bytes)

A good show - if a little oddly laid-out, and very, very hot
(note to self: use sunscreen earlier next time!)
Also good to finally meet up with e-friends Austin Shackles
and David French from a.f.l - spend some time with other new
regulars and generally unwind in the sun...