Christopher Savidge

Chris and Bonny

Many will be saddened to learn of the death of Christopher Savidge (Snr).

Chris died in hospital in Nottingham on the morning of Sunday 9th November 2003.

Well known within the world of Rover and Land Rover enthusiasm for his tireless dedication to the Marques, he served for many years on more club committees than I can remember, and worked industriously, often 'behind the scenes' with the unrecognised yet dedicated aid of his wife Bonny, to ensure the smooth running of many Rover and Land Rover events and celebrations, including the highly successful 'Heritage Run and Marque Day', held at Gaydon each May.

As the President of the 101 Forward Control Club and Register, he has given many long years of quite selfless service to our club in so many different ways - including for a number of years, spending many long evenings with Bonny physically stuffing 700 copies of our club magazine; Six Stud into envelopes, then carting them off to the local Post Office four times a year.

Those who knew him will have been aware that Chris has fought Cancer for a number of years and had hitherto amazed the medics at his longevity. Built of a different generation, just like our trusty Landies, he embodied the qualities of timeless style and unassuming dignity.

Christopher Savidge was a true 'Gentleman', polite and quietly spoken with a compassion and humanity rarely seen in our technology led, impersonal world of email, fax and digital disaffection. Chris didn't need a computer - he already had access to the most enviable database of collated information, contacts, numbers and dates - all readily available from the most powerful of supercomputers; his memory.

Over the years I've grown to value Chris as a comrade, colleague and friend. I'll miss his little handwritten notes, endless lists and incredible attention to detail in every respect.

Our club, richer in every sense for Chris, has lost a most loved President. The world of Rover and Land Rover enthusiasm has lost an Ambassador, Advocate and Brother.

Whilst mourning his passing, I'm sure many would also like to recognise and celebrate his life and the joy he has spread though the enthusiasm and heritage of our beloved oil leaking yet trusty steeds.


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